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Villanova, like most other institutions and businesses, finds itself in the midst of the "digital age" with the perceived promise of the "paperless office" delivered via computer based electronic alternatives to paper. For the fiscal 2002-2003 year the University community consumed approximately 31 million sheets of paper.*

To address the rising support costs of such a large and diverse print community, the University created a "Print Management Strategy & Roadmap", which presents the overall vision for managing costs while providing users with the appropriate level of printing, copying, and faxing capabilities. The University's "VPrint Program"  provides the tactical actions necessary to meet this vision. There are three goals detailing the program:

  • manage costs
  • insure academic printing needs are met
  • educate the University community about alternatives to hardcopy output

In 2003, the University currently had 2,319 active hardcopy devices deployed on campus, of which 1600 represent personal printers, 359 represent network/workgroup printers, 160 represent copier/MFP** devices, and 200+ are fax devices. Within the 2,319 hardcopy devices were over 170 different types and models, making maintenance an expensive endeavor. Based on the inventory, 25% of the current printers are less than three years old; 25% are between the ages of three to five years old; 35% of the devices are between five and ten years old; and 11% of the hardcopy devices are more than ten years old.  Another important factor was the age of some of the printer fleet.

Based on the strategy work for the VPrint Program, the following initiatives were launched:

  1. Print Assessment Program to evaluate departmental needs and properly size printing equipment
  2. Copier/MFP* Replacement Program to replace the existing Minolta copiers with newer technology
  3. Network/Desktop Printer Acquisition Program to provide guidance and controls for the purchase of printing equipment
  4. Consumable Model to insure the best possible pricing for all ink, toner, and paper supplies
  5. Student Print Program

* It takes one tree to make seventeen reams of paper!
**Multi-Function Printer