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Q. What computers will be upgraded?
Only (1) computer for FULL-TIME faculty and staff.

Q.  What will happen to my old computer?
  All machines will need to be available for PC Refresh 2005.  You will not have to be present.  All procedures for data transfer will be performed on your machine during the scheduled dates of the June 2005 deployment schedule.  All Power On Passwords will need to be deactivated to allow access for old data transfer.  Please see Old Data for information on preliminary steps for transferring data.  All old computer must be returned to UnIT.

Q.  What operating system will be on the computer?
  Windows XP SP2, the latest version from Microsoft will be the new operating system.

Q. What kind of computers will we recieve this summer?
  Click here to view the Hardware Specifications.

Q.  What kind of software will be on my new computer?
  Click here to view the Software Specifications.

Q.  Can I purchase my old computer?
  No, faculty and staff will not be given the option to purchase their old computers.

Q. The clock speed on the new laptops is lower than the previous models. Does this mean the performance will be slower?
No, faster is a relative term in that faster CPU clock speed doesn't always mean better performance. The Centrino (Pentium M) brand name is a set of chips that work together to solve a specific need for mobile computing.  The Centrino gets more work done at a slower clock speed. It also runs much cooler and uses far less power, hence  battery life is increased greatly. The CPU, chip set and wireless are optimized for the mobile segment, to deliver breakthrough mobile performance with low power characteristics through efficient execution and advanced power-saving techniques.

Q. What does a Centrino or Pentium M based system mean?
Intel Centrino mobile technology represents Intel's best technologies for notebooks. More than just a processor, it features fully integrated wireless LAN capability and delivers excellent mobile performance while enabling great battery life in lighter, easier-to-carry notebook PCs. For more information about Centrino mobile technology click here.

Q.  Will I be getting a new monitor?
  No.  Monitors will not be issued, except for those moving from a laptop to a desktop.

Q.  Will there be training made available on the new features of my PC?
  Yes, all staff and faculty will be offered training.  Click here to view the Training information.  Attendance is encouraged.

Q.  Will the Microsoft Office Suite also be upgraded?
A.   Yes,  the new computer will come with the most current version of Microsoft Office (version 2003).

Q.  What about the files I want to save and load onto my new computer?
  Consolidate your files into your My Documents folder.  See My Data for more information.

Q. What will happen to the data on my current computer when it is redeployed?
A. All computers will be erased with all information being removed.  Data will not be available from the old computer once the 2005 PC Refresh is completed.  See My Data for backup information.

Q.  What about the 3rd party programs I put on my computer that were not on it when I first received it?
 All third party programs will need to reinstalled by you or your IT Coordinator on your new computer.

Q. What if I added additional peripherals/cards to my machine? (Scanner, Zip Drive)
When your computer is delivered, UnIT will evaluate the current computer hardware configuration and replace as appropriate.

Q. How can I purchase a Dell computer?
We have a computer purchase program on campus.  Employees can purchase a discounted Dell computer and peripherals from our website.  Click here to view the website.

Updated: 06/21/2005