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Mozilla Thunderbird

UNIT would like to announce the arrival of a new email client. With the rollout of new PCs this June, you will be upgraded to Mozilla Thunderbird, a free, open-source, cross-platform mail client developed for most operating systems.  Thunderbird, the next variation of Netscape, has a similar look and feel to Netscape Messenger, and the functions are very similar.  The migration of mail, personal address books, and bookmarks is uncomplicated, and the newer security and junk mail features in Thunderbird are useful. Training will be available. We are excited about the update and are confident you will be too.

During the 2005 PC Refresh UNIT's technical staff will migrate your email, book marks, and address books to the new Thunderbird mail client.

To learn more about the new mail client, visit our Thunderbird Support site.

To learn more about the migration process click here.

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Updated: 07/06/2005