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Removing Adobe Toolbar add-in to allow users to make changes to word normal template

The Adobe Toolbar add-in which loads in Word is what causes the problem that prevents users from being able to save changes to the global Normal.dot template. Changes to the normal.dot template occur when you:

  • Change default font

  • Change default margins or other page setup features

  • Create macros

  • Create/change keyboard shortcuts

  • Add/remove/edit toolbar buttons

  • Create Autotext/Autocorrect entries in Tools, AutoCorrect Opt.

You can disable the Adobe toolbar, but then users will not be able to create Adobe PDF files using the Adobe PDF Maker. They will still be able to create PDF files by printing to the Adobe PDF Distiller, by clicking File, Print and selecting Adobe PDF from the printers list.


The main difference between using the PDF Maker and the PDF Distiller is that the PDF Maker will convert Word Heading Styles into Adobe Bookmarks. The PDF Maker also offers more user settings with regard to the embedding of fonts, image resolution, etc. For the average user, the PDF Distiller should be fine.


This fix will remove the Adobe Acrobat toolbar from Word and fix the problem with the normal.dot file. It should only be used by IT Coordinators and UNIT employees. If you are not an IT professional, please contact the User Support Helpdesk at 610-519-7777 (x97777)for assistance.

Removing the Adobe Toolbar Add-In

  1. Close Word.

  2. Click Start and select Run.

  3. Type regedit and click OK.

  4. Locate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\PDFMaker.OfficeAddin]

  5. On the right, double-click on LoadBehavior.

  6. Change the value of 3 to a 0.

  7. Close the Registry Editor (no need to save changes).

  8. Now when you open Word, you will notice that the Adobe toolbar and menu have disappeared.

  9. To create PDF files now, the user must click File, Print, and select Adobe PDF from the printers list.


If you (or the end-user) attempts to create a PDF file from within Adobe (by opening Adobe 7.0 Pro and selecting Create Adobe PDF), Adobe will notice that the plug-in in Word is missing, repair the problem, restart the computer, and change this registry setting back to 3, which then adds the Adobe toolbar add-in back into Word. Therefore, users need to be made aware of this.


Updated: 06/21/2005